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Finding The Balance

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Why We Are Adopting a “Lazy Development Strategy"


5 Key Components of a Successful Enterprise Content Marketplace

Many of the world’s top high-tech companies have started selling subscription-based access to their training content, generating net new revenue through an Enterprise Content Marketplace.  These organizations understand the value of their content: it allows their customers to maintain their expertise on the latest products and technologies, and helps them earn and renew their certifications, all resulting in job security and career growth.  They also understand the importance of the overall training experience, and know that a more enjoyable training experience leads to more engaged users, which in turn leads to “stickier” customers who become brand advocates.

Create ‘Stickier’ and More Profitable Customers By Monetizing Training Content within a Seamless eLearning Marketplace

Did you know that one Content Raven client takes in an additional $12 dollars in product and service orders for every one dollar their customer spends on training? Customers are willing to pay for training, and then they are willing to buy more product and upgrades down the line.  It’s profit on top of profit for companies with effective training programs.

Keep Functionality in Mind When Selecting Your Next CMS

Choosing a CMS platform has numerous considerations to keep in mind, along with its functionality. It is vital you take the time to sit down with all stakeholders to discuss your needs and requirements. During this process, you will want to make a list of features, functions, and capabilities of the CMS.

Insights on Intelligent Content Solutions [Infographic]

Organizations of all sizes have a wide array of content they use every day. As technologies continue to evolve and advance, companies must develop ways to deliver content that is effective and clear while filling the needs of the targeted audience.