December 30, 2016

Effective Leadership in the New Year

Written by Shina Neo

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With the New Year right around the corner, this is often the time for self-reflection. What have we accomplished this year and what do we hope to accomplish in the next? We find ourselves thinking of the type of person we were and more mindful of the person we want to be.

The New Year marks a time of contemplation and resolutions, a time we make promises to become better versions of ourselves, and approach challenges with newfound perspectives and determination. Successful leaders are reflective in nature, visionaries of the future, and resolute in their decisions.

Creativity in Leadership

Today’s ultra-competitive work environment demands organizations to establish effective leaders who are creative and innovative. In order to remain competitive in today’s hyperconnected work environment, leaders who are constantly thinking outside the box are more equipped to push organizational boundaries and set higher expectations and goals. 

Adaptive Learning

Effective leaders recognize the need to leverage technology for personalized learning. Microlearning, or bite-sized chunks of information, remains a trend specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern learner. Today’s digitally savvy content-sharing generation requires learning at the speed of search. Accessing the right information, at the right time, means better efficiency, ultimately increasing productivity and bottom line results.

Human Element in Learning

As organizations continue to transition to a blended learning environment, it is important to note the importance of mentorship and coaching. Employees want to feel valued and appreciated in what they do. Effective leaders are more than just designated bosses and managers; they are mentors and coaches to their team. More so, they develop a profound relationship with the people they work and in turn, employees feel like they make a difference and contribute to the greater objective.

Teamwork is the Dream Work 

It’s all about the cohesive nature of teamwork. Great leaders build unity within their team by establishing mutual respect and trust. Collaborative learning gives members of the team something to contribute, as well as learn from their peers. When focused on a task-related goal or problem solving, it is important to be open to different perspectives and listen to the opinions of others. Create a learning environment that incorporates individual contributions to encourage effective teamwork.

The New Year brings new goals, challenges and perspectives. Take the time to think about what type of leader you want to be, how you might approach it, and how your team might perceive you.

Comment below and tell us what are some of your New Year's resolutions.


Shina Neo

Shina Neo is the content marketing manager at Content Raven where she is responsible for the publication of all blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics and social media campaigns. Previously, Shina worked as a news reporter and has written for numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide. She holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University.

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