December 29, 2016

Learning at the Speed of Search: Focus on the Learning Experience

Written by Shina Neo


As technology continues to transform how business is conducted, organizations are becoming more aware of the cybersecurity implications and challenges that come along with today’s millennial and content sharing generation. Along with the ability to gather and access large amounts of data, enterprise organizations are starting to understand the importance of developing cybersecurity awareness training programs to protect and secure their intellectual property.

With training continuing to focus on the user experience, and employees and customers learning at the speed of search, it is more critical than ever to provide access to information whenever and wherever.

Raytheon Company announced earlier this week it has submitted its proposal for the U.S. Army’s next-generation, global training support program. As part of its goal to help support Army mission readiness, Raytheon is offering InSITE, a mobile-enabled management information system that delivers analytics, customizable user interfaces, dashboards and data security to standard Army mobile devices including tablets and cell phones, according to a press release. In addition, users will be able to access maintenance, contracts, finance and other information in real time from anywhere around the world, the press release further states.

Adaptive Learning

Adopting a system that is customizable to the individual will maximize their full potential and productivity. Implementing a system that streamlines work processes, supports instant access to specific information and increases agility is key to ultimately seeing an increase in bottom line results.

“We bring the Army the best the industry has to offer with the lowest-risk and most cost-effective approach,” said Pete Vangjel, vice president of Raytheon’s Global Training Solutions business, in the press release.

Successful training initiatives are designed with the idea there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. People learn at different speeds, in different ways and in order to meet those needs, it is critical to provide the necessary tools and platforms to enhance the learning experience. In essence, today’s workforce requires self-paced learning and just-in-time content delivery. People who have access to the information they are looking for at the time they need it feel more in control of their learning experience, and ultimately feel more invested in their daily activities.

Protecting Intellectual Property 

Oftentimes, providing more control to the learner requires management of mobile devices within the workplace. Establishing BYOD policies, data loss prevention strategies and cybersecurity awareness training programs is key to preventing a breach in confidential data and intellectual property. The ability to access more information demands the task of implementing greater security. Several ways to protect your content include dynamic watermarking, access control and encryption. By controlling who has access to specific content and implementing download and share capabilities, organizations are better equipped at protecting their data. 

Raytheon’s InSITE system will provide a new customizable user interface, automated work order processes and cybersecurity tools to enable Army mission readiness, according to the press release.

Businesses that want to see a return on their training investment must provide the necessary tools to enhance learning and development. Through adaptive learning strategies, corporate training can be more effective, engaging and retentive.

Shina Neo

Shina Neo is the content marketing manager at Content Raven where she is responsible for the publication of all blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics and social media campaigns. Previously, Shina worked as a news reporter and has written for numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide. She holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University.

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