Data-Driven Learning: Benefits of Big Data in E-Learning

With the abundance of information we have at our fingertips, today’s digital native generation understands how leveraging learning technologies is key to promoting professional development and ensuring organizational success. Oftentimes, learning and development initiatives are designed, developed and delivered with minimal strategies in place on how to measure learning outcomes. As a result, businesses find it difficult to see a return on their training investment.

By Shina Neo • November 16, 2016

Transform Enterprise Training by Leveraging Big Data

In this digital age, learning and development leaders are continuing to recognize the importance of leveraging big data to better analyze and make decisions that impact business outcomes.

By Shina Neo • November 10, 2016

Must Read Big Data Articles – What is Big Data and How is It Used?

Need the scoop on big data? Big data is one of the most important IT, security and marketing concepts to hit in the last five years. It transforms the way that organizations understand their customers, their competition and their results. Tying together data from multiple sources can create a complete picture that can help make decision making easier across the board.

By Joe Moriarty • October 9, 2012

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