Effective Training Inspires Customer Loyalty

We know that online training leads to more educated and engaged clients. And we know that clients that are educated and engaged are more loyal customers.

Customer training is important because loyal customers are highly valuable.

By Stephanie Hadley • April 6, 2017

5 Ways eLearning Is Changing the Relationship Between Technology Companies and Customers

ELearning is fundamentally changing the relationship between technology companies and their clients. There are a few reasons why customer eLearning is especially relevant to technology companies. First, technology is ultra competitive, and software-as-a-service makes it easy for customers to switch to a competitor if they are not satisfied with their use of a technology. Second, most technologies boast rich feature sets, and customer training is needed to ensure clients get the most value from new technology innovations. Lastly, most technology companies sell globally, and therefore in-person training is logistically difficult and costly to deliver.   

By Awais Ahsan • January 25, 2017

The Popularity of Personalized Learning

As far back as seven years ago, Gene Willhoit, executive director of the U.S. Council of Chief State School Officers, predicted that the children of tomorrow would no longer be served well by what he termed assembly-line education that became popular in the industrial age.

By Roz Bahrami • January 5, 2017

eLearning Trends: Outlook for 2017 Puts a Focus on Accessibility, Analytics and Adaptability

According to IBIS Capital, the outlook for eLearning in 2017 is bright. The firm reports that the global eLearning market will grow to $255 billion in 2017What will fuel this growth? A surging interest by global executives to focus training on the critical skill sets that their employees require will lead to more advanced execution of eLearning programs. The rise of millennials in the workplace, and the retirement of baby boomers will further expedite this shift from more traditional learning environments to emerging eLearning practices.

By Awais Ahsan • January 4, 2017

Learning at the Speed of Search: Technical Requirements for Content Delivery Solutions

The previous blog in this series discussed why search is critical to effective online learning and development programs. According to a LinkedIn article, "the majority of LMS buyers cite ineffective search as the primary reason they’re looking for a new solution." This blog will discuss the key technical capabilities for search that L&D executives should look for when purchasing a content delivery solution.

By Awais Ahsan • November 17, 2016

Learning at the Speed of Search: The Key to a Successful User Experience

Learning and development organizations are increasingly moving away from instructor-led training (ILT) to online, on-demand training sessions, and replacing teachers with online knowledge portals, learning paths and strong search capabilities. This move makes learning more convenient for students, reduces training costs and empowers students to take control of their learning.

By Stephanie Hadley • November 14, 2016

Online Training is a Competitive Advantage

Every dollar spent on training results in ten times the investment in new products, services and upgrades by the client, according to research provided by veteran learning industry expert and current Content Raven executive, Tom Clancy. Quite simply, the more knowledge and education you provide to your clients, the more product they will buy from your organization. The more product that customers buy and use, the more loyal they become to your company.  In smart, B2B, enterprise organizations, the learning and development team has evolved from operational necessity to become a true competitive advantage and important brand ambassadors for the company.

By Stephanie Hadley • November 9, 2016

Revolutionize Training with the Netflix Model

Chances are pretty good that you tuned into Netflix in the last week – there are more than 81 million Netflix subscribers in the world and they view 10 billion hours of Netflix content per month. In a relatively short period of time, Netflix has changed the way audiences view and consume television and movies.  The same transformation is taking place in the learning and development industry as training moves away from classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT) to online, on demand, subscription-based models – just like Netflix.

By Stephanie Hadley • November 3, 2016

Key Features for a Successful Enterprise Video Training Platform

The next-generation learning experience platform is the future of corporate training. As businesses continue to transition to a blended learning environment, video platforms have emerged as an effective and invaluable asset to enterprise training organizations.

By Shina Neo • October 27, 2016

On the Right Path With Learning Paths

When you consider that companies spend more than $160 billion on training, yet employees retain only 10 percent of the information presented, you can see that a new model is needed. For many organizations learning paths are proving to be the answer.

By Stephanie Hadley • October 20, 2016

Tips for Succesful Onboarding: It’s Personal, Not Paperwork

We all know someone who has had a very bad first day of work. In fact, research shows that almost 4 percent of employees quit their job on the first day! Employees who get off to a poor start with a new company are more likely to underperform, fail to meet goals and leave within the year. So a proper, and thorough welcome for the new employee is paramount. But successful onboarding programs go beyond the paperwork, computer setup and desk assignment that most companies dole out on the first day of a new job.

By Awais Ahsan • October 18, 2016

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