Effective Training Inspires Customer Loyalty

We know that online training leads to more educated and engaged clients. And we know that clients that are educated and engaged are more loyal customers.

Customer training is important because loyal customers are highly valuable.

By Stephanie Hadley • April 6, 2017

Flow Theory: Captivate Learner Attention With Online Training

Deep concentration puts people in a state of calm while immersed in a learning activity that is so engaging that time is forgotten. Research shows that early online training curricula often transmits information ineffectively without factoring the psychology of cognitive flow.

By Karen Possessky • January 17, 2017

Online Training is a Competitive Advantage

Every dollar spent on training results in ten times the investment in new products, services and upgrades by the client, according to research provided by veteran learning industry expert and current Content Raven executive, Tom Clancy. Quite simply, the more knowledge and education you provide to your clients, the more product they will buy from your organization. The more product that customers buy and use, the more loyal they become to your company.  In smart, B2B, enterprise organizations, the learning and development team has evolved from operational necessity to become a true competitive advantage and important brand ambassadors for the company.

By Stephanie Hadley • November 9, 2016

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