Soft Skills Training in eLearning

Successful organizations understand the importance of soft skills training when developing millennial leaders. Soft skills including communication, problem solving, teamwork, negotiating and organization are key to effective leadership development among all generations within the workforce. 

By Shina Neo • February 3, 2017

3 Neurotransmitters to Enhance Corporate Learning and Engagement

Neurotransmitter is a term for chemicals that are synthesized in brain cells. As a learning and development leader and professional, you have the power to influence synaptic brain activity. Synapse simply refers to gap-crossing activity of brain chemicals between two cells in the brain.

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By Karen Possessky • February 1, 2017

Flow Theory: Captivate Learner Attention With Online Training

Deep concentration puts people in a state of calm while immersed in a learning activity that is so engaging that time is forgotten. Research shows that early online training curricula often transmits information ineffectively without factoring the psychology of cognitive flow.

By Karen Possessky • January 17, 2017

The Keys to Running a Successful Training Organization

Today’s fast-paced hyperconnected work environment has revolutionized the corporate training industry. Successful training organizations realize the need to keep up with technological trends, maximize productivity and drive engagement in order to stay ahead of the competition. More specifically, these organizations have designed and developed learning cultures centered on business goals and values.

By Shina Neo • September 16, 2016

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