Millennials: Leadership Outside the Corner Office

Millennials have secured themselves as a dominant workforce within a majority of businesses and it’s time for many to take high-level executive positions and occupy the corner office of a reputable company. Nevertheless, by benefiting from the gained experience in large companies and a variety of learning technologies available, millennials prefer to test deep waters of a particular industry with their own start-up vessels rather be circumscribed inside the glass cabin. In such circumstances, an important question arises in regards to determining millennial leadership styles without emphasis on senior positions at the company.

By Oleksii Vyshnyk • November 21, 2016

Millennials: A Digital Native and Content-Sharing Generation

With the influx of millennials in our workforce, successful organizations are leveraging learning technologies to meet the needs of today’s content sharing generation. The constant use of technologies and increase in social engagement with comments, likes and tweets, have dominated the way we consume information, interact with others and conduct business. Learning and development leaders are starting to recognize how critical social sharing and engagement is for organizational success.

By Shina Neo • November 14, 2016

Is Social Media Making You More Productive?

Do you think social media is a time suck? Think again. According to a recent recent study by data firm Evolv, participating on five or more social media networks could actually make you more productive than average.  Here’s the scoop.

By Joe Moriarty • August 20, 2013

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