5 Tips to Incorporate Video in E-Learning

With the influx of today’s millennial workforce in our digitally innovative marketplace, learning and development leaders have started to recognize and adopt video as a solution to communicate, engage and educate learners on a global scale. While video plays an important role within an enterprise organization and can be implemented at various stages including pre-boarding, onboarding, kickoffs, initial training, continued education and partner training, more specifically, video facilitates a self-paced, easily retainable learning experience. 

By Shina Neo • November 2, 2016

Key Features for a Successful Enterprise Video Training Platform

The next-generation learning experience platform is the future of corporate training. As businesses continue to transition to a blended learning environment, video platforms have emerged as an effective and invaluable asset to enterprise training organizations.

By Shina Neo • October 27, 2016

The Human Element of E-Learning

I have embraced many changes since I first dipped my toe into the world of software support and training back in 1996.

By Chris Gibbs • October 24, 2016

Implementing an Effective Enterprise Video Training Platform

There is no doubt that a customizable enterprise secure video training platform is an invaluable tool for corporate training. As learning and development leaders continue to transition from instructor-led training to a blended learning approach, video training has proven to be consistently engaging and learner-centric, as opposed to the text-heavy traditional learning environment. 

By Shina Neo • October 21, 2016

Benefits of Video in Enterprise Training Organizations

Today’s millennial workforce is all about accessing relevant and applicable content. As enterprise training organizations continue to transition from instructor-led training to a blended learning experience, the need for more effective training methods is key to ensuring you deliver the right message, at the right time. Successful organizations recognize the importance of utilizing video in the corporate training environment due to its effectiveness and proven return on investment. 

By Shina Neo • October 17, 2016

4 Tips for Successful Employee Offboarding

In a recent blog post for TrainingIndustry.com, we highlight four factors for successful offboarding.

By Awais Ahsan • August 5, 2016

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