April 8, 2016

Why Businesses Need an Enterprise YouTube

Written by Christy Laubach

Why Businesses Need an Enterprise YouTube

When it comes to managing corporate videos, businesses  need a platform that can effectively communicate their message. YouTube is a popular video-sharing website that can host videos for free, but has some downfalls for businesses with sensitive or valuable information.  


YouTube is a valuable resource for individuals largely because it makes sharing videos so easy. However, this platform is not-so-great for businesses that don’t want their videos shared. YouTube offers limited security options. There is no way to control who can access videos or how they are shared. By exposing enterprise videos on a public website, content could be accessed, downloaded, or stolen by anyone with the link.


Whether uploading a personal video or a corporate one, the template and viewer are the same for every video on YouTube. While this makes YouTube simple to use, it is not ideal for enterprises. Instead of promoting the YouTube brand with every video created, businesses need a viewer that can be customized to their colors and brand. Not only can this help promote a company, but it can add a level of professionalism and authority.

Ads & “Related” Videos

Nothing makes a person cringe more than an advertisement before a video plays. Burdening a viewer with an ad makes them less likely to have the patience to wait through it to watch the video and can distract from the content. By removing those ads, a video will play immediately, grabbing the viewer’s attention and holding onto that attention for a bit longer.

What might even be worse than what comes before the video is what comes after: related videos. Not only are most of the recommended videos not produced by the same company, but some of these “related” videos can be completely inappropriate. Recommended videos could lead viewers to a business' competitors or into the “black hole” of YouTube - distracting viewers with the enormous amount of content on YouTube and leaving them to forget about a company's video completely. It's important to use a video management platform that either doesn’t show related videos or allows one to choose what a viewer should be led to after watching a video.


Businesses wanting information on how their videos are truly performing need more than what is offered on YouTube. YouTube offers some statistics about how many views a video has and the estimated minutes watched, but nothing specific enough to offer valuable information to improve upon strategies that work. For corporate sales training, for example, it would be great to be able to see exactly who watched the video and for how long to keep people accountable. Afterall, training can increase sales by 50%.

YouTube may be great for personal use or even to enhance a company’s marketing efforts, but it’s not the right platform for important corporate videos. With limited security, customization and analytics, along with ads and related videos, enterprises need their own YouTube to be able to fit their needs.

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Christy Laubach

A Content Raven fanatic, Christy Laubach works as a digital marketer in the greater Boston area. She has a degree in Business Management from Babson College and has worked with companies such as Legendary Films, Constant Contact and WGBH. Marketer by day, trivia host by night, Christy was once voted most likely to spontaneously combust from enthusiasm.

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