May 9, 2016

The Three New Rules of Sales Enablement: Just in Time, Situational, and Personalized

Written by Stephanie Hadley

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How do Learning & Development executives and sales training leaders ensure that sales executives in the field have access to the right corporate training material when they need it? With the right content, delivered at the right time, and in the right way.

Sales enablement content must:

Be delivered just in time to help reps on the go.

“Just-in-time” means that reps have the most accurate information at the exact moment they need it. Just-in-time training works best with the use of newer and more effective educational tools like business YouTube, quizzes and testimonials.

Provide situational relevance to increase usefulness.

Situation-based learning content gives reps the information they need to close their next deal. No corporate training resonates better - especially for sales reps - than hearing a tale of success from a peer. That real-life, in-the-meeting experience, and how it drove a sale, is now easily captured and shared via video training.

Be personalized to the sales rep’s level of training.

Personalized sales training content accounts for the individual rep’s expertise, preferred learning style and the technology capabilities available to him at that moment.

Read more about the three rules of sales training from Content Raven CEO Joe Moriarty at Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.  

Stephanie Hadley

Stephanie Hadley is a professional writer and marketer with more than 20 years experience in learning and development and customer success. Her work has appeared on behalf of clients in national business magazines and training industry journals. Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations from the SI Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University.

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