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Monifi Schlick is a sales enablement professional and sales storyteller with experience creating messaging for such organizations as ADP and Bloomberg, LP. She is currently the Director of Sales Messaging at YP.

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Sales Enablement: Cutting Down One-Off Field Requests With the Right Message

Some months ago, I replied to a hot blogpost debate on scripting as a sales tool.  Someone had posted the question, “Inside the sales conversation: To script or not to script? ” It was a question that begged for strong opinions, but was worded much too generally to draw out constructive answers. I offered a single word of sarcasm…‘YES!’  

By Monifi Schlick • February 13, 2017

3 Tips for an Effective Sales Conversation

Business analysts have a long tradition of researching about why businesses fail.  The topic has become a staple of business publications and bloggers who will periodically rank their 5-10 reasons that startups don’t take off, small businesses dreams crumble and once successful enterprises meet their demises.  

By Monifi Schlick • January 12, 2017

Sales Enablement: One Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?

Just in case you were hungry for a shamelessly tortured holiday sales analogy… here’s a quick Turkey-Day tidbit cooked up especially for my peers in organizations with new or evolving sales enablement functions –many of whom are hard at work right now setting the table for sales in 2017.

By Monifi Schlick • November 23, 2016

Sales Enablement’s True North is on the Ground

Just 10 years ago the term sales enablement would have drawn blank stares even from seasoned sales professionals and top business leaders. By contrast, a 2015 Forbes study affirms that today nearly 60 percent of companies with best-in class sales organizations boast a robust sales enablement function.

By Monifi Schlick • November 17, 2016
Incredibly Easy Sales Enablement Tips to Close More Deals

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