2 Keys to Effective Sales Teams: Sales Training and Sales Enablement

According to Manpower’s 10th annual talent shortage survey, a sales person is the fourth hardest role to fill in an organization. Ask any sales manager and they will tell you that of all sales roles, inside sales teams are especially difficult to staff. Inside sales representatives typically need significant sales training and a lot of high quality sales enablement tools to do their job well, feel successful, and therefore commit long term to the role. While sales positions in general are hard to fill, it does not help the situation that inside sales reps are also expensive to source.

By Awais Ahsan • January 18, 2017

[VIDEO] Make Your Sales Team More Efficient and Effective

Your sales team is working in Salesforce everyday - keeping notes, finding contact information and reaching out to leads. What do they do when it comes time to send a file?

By Content Raven • May 26, 2015

How Right and Left Brains Close Deals

Have you heard someone say that they are more right-brained or left-brained? The Left Brain- Right Brain Theory is a way to explain how people think and act differently. Those who are more right-brained tend to be very creative and intuitive, while those who are left-brained are more logical and analytical. Left-brained vs. right-brained people tend to communicate and solve problems in very different ways, but both are equally as important to your company’s success.

By Christy Laubach • May 21, 2015

What’s the Deal with Content Raven’s New Salesforce App?

Here at Content Raven, we are big Salesforce users. For us, it’s amazing to be able to track leads with such detail through the various stages of the sales cycle. Not to mention the incredible convenience of being able to email your contacts right from within the Salesforce platform, having access to detailed reports and dashboards, and the ability to pick from an array of awesome apps in the AppExchange. As we used Salesforce more and more, though, there was a gap that stood out to us. 

By Christy Laubach • February 3, 2015

Hooking Leads and Closing Deals: What You Aren’t Tracking is Losing You Money

We collect an enormous amount of information about our leads before we even contact them. By using a service like HubSpot, we learn the pages of our website that our leads have seen, what forms they have submitted and what specific product or service interests them. We can see what company a lead works for, how large that company is and maybe even the lead’s most recent tweet.

By Christy Laubach • January 26, 2015
Incredibly Easy Sales Enablement Tips to Close More Deals

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