What’s the Deal with Content Raven’s New Salesforce App?

Here at Content Raven, we are big Salesforce users. For us, it’s amazing to be able to track leads with such detail through the various stages of the sales cycle. Not to mention the incredible convenience of being able to email your contacts right from within the Salesforce platform, having access to detailed reports and dashboards, and the ability to pick from an array of awesome apps in the AppExchange. As we used Salesforce more and more, though, there was a gap that stood out to us. 

By Christy Laubach • February 3, 2015

3 Super Easy Tips That Will Change the Way You Use Salesforce

You’re a Salesforce machine. You spend loads of time going through your contacts, analyzing reports and updating records. You know how to get things done in Salesforce, but small tasks can sometimes take up too much time. Here are three super easy tips that will shave some time off those hours and take you to a whole new level of Salesforce greatness:

  1. Use Salesforce Shortcuts

No matter how well you have mastered Salesforce, there will always be some data that needs to be inputted manually. You can use some “Salesforce shorthand” to help save some time when updating a record. When putting in numbers that contain several zeroes at the end, just put a “k” after the number for thousand, “m” for million or “b” for billion, and Salesforce will add the extra zeroes for you.

Want to save a record? You don’t need to scroll to the top or bottom of the page to click “save.” Just hit “enter” and the record will be saved! (Just don’t do it in a text area.) And phone numbers? Don’t worry about the format in which you input them, Salesforce will format them for you when you save the record.

By Christy Laubach • January 19, 2015
Incredibly Easy Sales Enablement Tips to Close More Deals

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