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Oracle Attempts to Compete With the Leader in Cloud Computing

It’s a bold claim to make, but Larry Ellison, executive chairman and CTO at Oracle, is confident in what’s on the horizon for Oracle’s Cloud Platform. 

By Shina Neo • September 19, 2016

Content Security: Preserving the Future of the Cloud

It isn’t very often you witness major tech rivals band together to support a specific cause. However, when it comes to security and the right to defend their customers’ fundamental privacy rights, it becomes a collective mission.

By Shina Neo • September 8, 2016

How to Make the Cloud Safe for Corporate Information

Are cloud based services the right place to store important company data? Google CIO Ben Fried is cautious – even though Google itself is a provider of several cloud technologies.

By Joe Moriarty • October 30, 2013

Cloud Computing 101: What is the Cloud?

The term “cloud computing” has been thrown around so much in the last decade that it’s become a common term – but do you really know what it means? According to Citrix, one in five Americans admit that they pretend to know what the cloud is even though they aren’t sure. In addition, although over 50% of Americans claim to never use the cloud nearly 95% do use it in their daily lives. 

By Joe Moriarty • September 12, 2013

Are You Making these Small Business Cloud Security Mistakes?

Over the past half decade or so, cloud computing has gone from an in-the-know buzzword, to a practical computing solution for small and large businesses in every industry. It allows even single-person startups the advantages of a basement full of processors and a full IT department at a mere fraction of the cost. It also allows for easy collaboration between employees and contractors across the globe. 

By Joe Moriarty • February 28, 2013

New Survey: Content Security Concerns are Preventing Widespread Embrace of Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise level adoption of mobile technology has multiple benefits – but there are still some major data and content security issues to be dealt with before it can be embraced on a widespread level. According to a recent survey from Trend Micro, cloud document management and other cloud based data sharing practices are on the rise, but so are concurrent data security lapses. 

By Joe Moriarty • September 27, 2012

Concerned About Cloud Security? You're Not Alone

The “consumerization of IT” has a few great benefits – improved productivity, decreased costs for tech because of BYOD and more opportunities to work remotely – but there are also some big downsides. From management’s perspective, there’s an increased pressure to protect cloud security without stopping progress. Granting remote access means finding a delicate balance between protecting a company’s data assets and ensuring that employees have the infrastructure to access everything that they need, when they need it.

By Joe Moriarty • August 23, 2012
Report: Preventing Revenue Loss with Content Security


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