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Oracle Attempts to Compete With the Leader in Cloud Computing

It’s a bold claim to make, but Larry Ellison, executive chairman and CTO at Oracle, is confident in what’s on the horizon for Oracle’s Cloud Platform. 

By Shina Neo • September 19, 2016

Content Security: Preserving the Future of the Cloud

It isn’t very often you witness major tech rivals band together to support a specific cause. However, when it comes to security and the right to defend their customers’ fundamental privacy rights, it becomes a collective mission.

By Shina Neo • September 8, 2016

How to Make the Cloud Safe for Corporate Information

Are cloud based services the right place to store important company data? Google CIO Ben Fried is cautious – even though Google itself is a provider of several cloud technologies.

By Joe Moriarty • October 30, 2013

Are You Making these Small Business Cloud Security Mistakes?

Over the past half decade or so, cloud computing has gone from an in-the-know buzzword, to a practical computing solution for small and large businesses in every industry. It allows even single-person startups the advantages of a basement full of processors and a full IT department at a mere fraction of the cost. It also allows for easy collaboration between employees and contractors across the globe. 

By Joe Moriarty • February 28, 2013

New Survey: Content Security Concerns are Preventing Widespread Embrace of Enterprise Mobile

Enterprise level adoption of mobile technology has multiple benefits – but there are still some major data and content security issues to be dealt with before it can be embraced on a widespread level. According to a recent survey from Trend Micro, cloud document management and other cloud based data sharing practices are on the rise, but so are concurrent data security lapses. 

By Joe Moriarty • September 27, 2012
Report: Preventing Revenue Loss with Content Security


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