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Tarantino’s Leaked Script Easily Preventable with Content Control App

When a first draft of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight script “turned up in inboxes all over Hollywood,” the director announced he would no longer be pursuing the project in its originally intended film format.

By Mike Peroni • January 30, 2014

How Much Money Will a Lost Laptop Cost You

In the now-infamous “Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Study,” industry giant Intel and independent research firm Ponemon Institute provided that the average cost of a stolen laptop came to over $49,000—and topped $56,000 if the device didn't include adequate safety measures (which the majority did not).

By Joe Moriarty • April 23, 2013

How to Offer Online Courses Without Sacrificing Content Security

Online classes are a great way to add a new income stream for relatively little effort—especially if you already have training materials you've used for seminars, webinars, etc. Whether you're a service provider with a full client base, or a retailer, product owner, or vendor who wants another offering, online courses and classes can fit the bill. And can do so quite profitably.

By Joe Moriarty • April 9, 2013
Report: What You Need to Know About BYOD


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