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OpenText to Acquire Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division

Only a few days after Dell and EMC finalized their merge to Dell Technologies Inc., OpenText Corporation, an Ontario-based enterprise information management company, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) including Documentum, InfoArchive and LEAP products, for $1.62 billion, according to a press release today. 

By Shina Neo • September 12, 2016

3 Ways Storms like Juno Cause Serious Problems for Businesses

Sitting at home under three over-stuffed blankets from Mom, warm drink in hand, staring at an unopened box of Pop-Tarts on the kitchen counter, I (like most of the Northeast) am in full winter storm mode. Thanks to Winter Storm Juno, yesterday looked to be a great day for some businesses. Grocery stores were packed, liquor stores had empty shelves and gas stations had piles of cars lined up for gas that wouldn’t be able to be legally used the next day. Today, snow removal services will be working all day and getting some pretty good money, but winter storms hit most businesses hard. Here are three ways that snow days can cause serious issues for businesses: 

By Christy Laubach • January 27, 2015

What’s the difference between file sharing in the cloud and a content control app?

Sharing files, videos and other content through the cloud is convenient, but it’s not without risks. Most file share services don’t provide the security features needed to keep your sensitive data and information private.

That’s where a content control app comes in.

By Mike Peroni • June 17, 2014

Internal Leak Hits the New York Times

On May 15, 2014, BuzzFeed published a story in its business section that spread like a wildfire across the internet. The headline read:

By Mike Peroni • May 21, 2014

Sharing Content in the Cloud? Firewalls & Anti-Spyware Aren’t Enough

Consider owning a small restaurant, or a large corporate chain of restaurants, and having your reputation ruined as a result of a disgruntled employee leaking your recipes and food prep standards on the web.

What if you’re a writer, working on the final installment of a bestselling series, when someone manages to obtain the manuscript online and release it to the entire world, free of charge, months before the actual book is due to be in stores. That could represent a significant amount of sales.

Now imagine this type of scenario at the government level.

By Mike Peroni • May 20, 2014

Raiders the Topic of NFL Controversy – How a Content Control App Could Have Prevented It

The Oakland Raiders are once again the topic of an NFL controversy, this time as a result of the organization’s cheerleader handbook being leaked to the press earlier this year.

The leak fueled a lawsuit filed a short time prior by 27-year-old rookie Raiderette Lacy T., who accused the team of violating California employment rights.

By Mike Peroni • May 12, 2014

Making the Mortgage Refinance Process More Secure for Consumers

While refinancing my home recently, I came to a concerning conclusion about the security of my personal and financial information. Whether it’s due to a lack of awareness about the security risks involved, or because the tasks associated with home finance are tedious and time-consuming, many people (myself included), often fail to ask important questions about security when working with mortgage brokers.

By Mike Peroni • March 18, 2014

3 Ways to Keep Dropbox Secure in the Legal Community

As with any cloud storage platform, keeping Dropbox secure is extremely important. When lawyers back up client information, notes concerning cases and financial data, it’s critical that it remains safeguarded and out of the wrong hands. Otherwise, a leak can reveal sensitive data, compromise legal proceedings, and potentially damage a lawyer’s reputation. Here are some techniques for keeping Dropbox secure in the legal community.

By Mike Peroni • March 4, 2014

Three Information Security Factors to Consider When Selling Your Company

Before the dawn of electronic data and cloud infrastructure, selling a company didn’t present a risk to information security . But in today’s world, the wealth of digital data that’s stored in the cloud can put a business owner at huge risk if the right precautions aren’t taken to protect that data.

Protecting Your Company and the Buyer

By Mike Peroni • February 10, 2014

3 Ways to Secure Your SharePoint Environment for Manufacturing


Information leakage and data tampering are just two of the problems that can arise when exchanging content for manufacturing projects.

There is always the threat of viruses and malware that can wreak havoc on your network, but knowing how to secure your SharePoint environment is critical for safeguarding your organization’s proprietary and/or confidential manufacturing content.

By Mike Peroni • February 5, 2014

Tarantino’s Leaked Script Easily Preventable with Content Control App

When a first draft of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight script “turned up in inboxes all over Hollywood,” the director announced he would no longer be pursuing the project in its originally intended film format.

By Mike Peroni • January 30, 2014
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