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Is Cloud Document Management a Safe Solution for Enterprises?

Cloud document management is very likely in your company's future, if not already. In a recent Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) report by Doug Miles, called Content in the Cloud -- Making the Right Decision there were some astounding growth predictions made. The report stated that the number of companies using cloud and other Software as a Service applications will grow from 7% today, to 41% in three years, and eventually be 77% in six to eight years. That type of growth doesn't come without pains, however.

By Joe Moriarty • November 29, 2012

Coach Secures Football Playbook With Content Raven's e-distribution Tool

As athletic coordinator and head football coach for Prosper High School in Prosper, Texas, Kent Scott had a problem to solve. Like most school districts across the country, Proper High School was trying to save money – and paper usage was a big part of the budget. But Scott’s weekly scouting report on the football team’s competitors as well as the Prosper Eagles’ playbook needed to be shared with the entire athletic department and team.

By Joe Moriarty • October 25, 2012

How to Minimize Healthcare Compliance Data Risks

The healthcare industry is feeling more pressure on a federal level to establish and implement compliance plans. According to McKesson, there’s a seven dollar return for every one dollar that the federal government spends on fraud and abuse investigations and prosecutions, and state governments are seeing the same type of return. Finding and prosecuting healthcare fraud is a top priority. As a result, healthcare provider or medical establishment need to focus on staying compliant.

By Joe Moriarty • October 18, 2012
Report: Preventing Revenue Loss with Content Security


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