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Tarantino’s Leaked Script Easily Preventable with Content Control App

When a first draft of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight script “turned up in inboxes all over Hollywood,” the director announced he would no longer be pursuing the project in its originally intended film format.

By Mike Peroni • January 30, 2014

How Using Technology to Track Reading Benefits Schools, Students, and Businesses

At one time, professors had to judge whether or not their students were reading based on “classroom detective work” such as attendance, performance on tests, or even facial expressions during class.

By Joe Moriarty • June 18, 2013

Content Analytics : Content Marketing Security

From special reports and whitepapers to teleseminars and multi-part e-courses, content marketing has become the favored method of many successful businesses for snagging leads and sliding them successfully down the sales funnel.

By Joe Moriarty • March 26, 2013
Report: Content Raven ESG Lab Validation


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